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4 weeks after Ike

I had an occasion to visit Galveston, Texas yesterday and I couldn’t imagine how bad things were. When I lived in Utah, we would have these massive snow storms, so the snow plows just shoved the snow to the side of the road. After a few storms, you kind of felt like going down an […]

Wall Arch has collapsed

Wall arch in Arches National Park has collapsed. This is a photo of what it looked like last week. Of course, this is a natural phenomenon, but I’m sure we could find some way to blame the Bush Administration.

High Mountain Desert Boy Meets Tornado weather

I have learned over the years that no matter where you live, there will be something about the area that isn’t so desirable. I love living in Allen, but the storms can be brutal. WFAA in Dallas did a video segment on Allen that you can see here. Update: another video here. People have always […]

Followup from yesterday’s weather

We finally had snow here in North Texas. We woke up to 3″ of snow on top of the car and made use of our ice scraper. Teryl wrote about it her blog here. She included a video for proof just in case you don’t believe it.

North Texas Weather

We sometimes have extremely weird weather in North Texas. This graphic shows just how weird it can be. This came from here. Notice the high and low temperatures for Monday.