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Change my gender?

I was looking at my account settings on Netflix, (a service that I really like), and noticed that in the account editing screen, that you can change your gender and birth year. Don’t make fun of me for being old.  Just think about what, or even how, you would change your gender. I guess there […]

Yes… stupid questions exist

I know that in school, the teacher would often say that there were no stupid questions, hoping that if someone had a question, they would not feel intimidated to ask it. Well, I hate to break it to you, but there is such a thing as a stupid question.  Want proof you say?  Well in […]

When you have too much time

If you’ve got a bunch of time, a beard, and lots of toothpicks, you can do what this guy did…

Should you laugh?

Sometimes when I run across stories like this, I wonder what the appropriate response should be. On one hand, I fear for the future of mankind, on the other and, I laugh so hard I can’t breath anymore. From the article: A man who showed up at his girlfriend’s home Sept. 30 to find it […]

Do you recognize this man?

Do you recognize this man? If you do, call Southlake Police He was caught on a vehicle surveillance camera keying someone’s car. You can see the whole video here. Some people are just plain jerks.

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