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Tonia Eccles 1970 – 2008

It has been a sad day for me. More info here We moved to Hyrum, Utah in 1997 and became neighbors and friends with the Eccles family right off. Since they were adopting Kayonia at the same time we were adopting Curtis we had much in common. Over the years, I have been enriched by […]

Followup from yesterday’s weather

We finally had snow here in North Texas. We woke up to 3″ of snow on top of the car and made use of our ice scraper. Teryl wrote about it her blog here. She included a video for proof just in case you don’t believe it.

The first train robbery in Texas

I live in Allen, Texas which is one of those old and proud Texas towns with just enough history to put them on the map. One of the most revered historical events in Allen was the first train robbery in Texas. You can read about here. Anyway, we just celebrated this great historical event this […]

Pinewood Derby Expectations

Last year was Curtis’ first year doing the pinewood derby. We spent a few hours making a pretty cool car. We got the design idea from this website. Of course it didn’t turn out exactly like the plan, but you would probably expect that. You can see in the video below that we really did […]

Video by Jared Johnson

If you haven’t heard Jared Johnson’s music, then you are missing out. He plays contemporary piano that is just fantastic. You can see a video from YouTube below, and you could also visit his website at

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