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I’ll never get a tattoo

Knowing the kind of person that I am, I will never get a tattoo. You see, I get tired to the same old visuals all the time and I have to change them. I change my wall paper on my computer desktop about every month or two. Take this blog for example, I got tired […]

DSL Modem went on the fritz – How I got it all working again

OK, this post is mostly just a note to myself to remind me of how I got this thing working. If I ever need to do it again, then I’ll have my notes here on my trusty blog. My services is through AT&T and for the most part it is pretty reliable. Last week the […]

Creative Trojan Attack

I clicked a link to go to the Dallas Morning News website earlier this morning and their ad server gave me a page called Antivirus 2009. The URL was:…. (more after here, but don’t click it). There was some pretty realistic flash videos that simulated a virus scan on my computer, even though I […]

Ring Central

A while back, I used to operate a web store that, frankly, didn’t do that well. But while I was in business, I used RingCentral for my phone system. I have to tell you that it was totally awesome. Since I was almost never at my desk, I set up the service to call my […]

Beyond SPAM

OK, we all know and love SPAM and we even get a few laughs from the old Nigerian scam as well as the ‘you won $300,000,000′ e-mail. However, the following e-mail arrived on one of the e-mail servers that I administer: Hello I am very sorry for you Xxxxxx, is a pity that this is […]

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