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Introducing Asher

Happy Birthday to Asher Pettey. Born December 28. 7 pounds and 20 inches long. Congratulations to Jill and Durrant.

The greatest athletes

There is a story in the American Spectator today entitled Good Sports, Great Sports. It is an excellent reminder of who the real atheletes are and that the “..NFL can’t shine the boots of U.S. fighting men.” From the article: …Yet my enthusiasm for the NFL stars’ athleticism has been overshadowed this year by reports […]

The Parowan Prophet

Many of you know that I was born in Cedar City, Utah. And while I will always consider southern Utah to be home, I will not miss the Parowan Prophet. Well, maybe just little. Parowan is a town about 20 miles away from Cedar City and when I was a kid, this guy would write […]

Suing Spammers

Several years ago, congress, in their infinite wisdom, passed a law which enabled the producers of SPAM, or UCE (Unsolicited Commercial E-mail) to be held liable for sending crap to our e-mail boxes. Out of legislation, several websites sprung up that teach you how to do this. If you type “how to sue a spammer” […]

When video games go to far

I loved playing video games as a kid, and I still indulge with my son from time to time as an adult. However, this video shows someone who never quite managed to grow out of it. MARIO KART (REMI GAILLARD)by nqtv