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4 weeks after Ike

Posted on | October 11, 2008 | Comments Off

I had an occasion to visit Galveston, Texas yesterday and I couldn’t imagine how bad things were.

When I lived in Utah, we would have these massive snow storms, so the snow plows just shoved the snow to the side of the road. After a few storms, you kind of felt like going down an olympic luge track. I never thought I would experience that on the Texas Gulf Coast. Take a look at the following picture. This is the sand that they moved off the road.

I found that in town, about a third of the stop lights are still not functioning, but power is restored to most of the island.

Out on the beach there was some pretty bad damage that hadn’t even been touched yet.

Yep, that is a concrete driveway folks. Don’t tell me that hurricanes aren’t bad storms.

This picture shows the damaged walkway to the beach at Palisade Palms. This is the condo project that I worked on and the reason for my visit to Galveston. I was tasked with evaluating damaged to the project for insurance purposes. See how the end just kind of drops off at the waters edge? Well, the beach used to be about 50 feet farther away than it is now.

The main street that leaves to I-45 has countless thousands of dollars in possessions that are just garbage now.

But businesses are trying to open even though the damage isn’t all repaired.

There are still boats that a far from the docks, like this one that is still in the median of the freeway.

Overall, I am impressed with the people of South Texas and their work ethic. I have no doubt that they will rebuild and never complain. Even if it takes a long time.

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