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DSL Modem went on the fritz – How I got it all working again

Posted on | October 2, 2008 | Comments Off

OK, this post is mostly just a note to myself to remind me of how I got this thing working. If I ever need to do it again, then I’ll have my notes here on my trusty blog.

My services is through AT&T and for the most part it is pretty reliable. Last week the modem started intermittently loosing connection. If I unplugged it for a couple of hours, then it would start to work again. Of course, as time went on, it became more frequent. So, AT&T sent me a new one under warranty and I hooked it up last night.

The problem is this: I have residential DSL service which is designed for one modem hooked up to one computer. And while the terms of service allow for multiple computers in the same home to use the connection, they don’t provide technical support for how to do it. Since I have one part time and three full time computers hooked up, plus two network printers, it gets to be quite a trick to make everything work right.

OK, here are the settings changes that made all this possible.

  • Change the router settings from Automatic DHCP to PPPoE.
  • Add username and password from ISP in the appropriate fields
  • Make sure that the subnet is different from the DSL modem. For example, my modem defaults to So I changed the router to be on
  • In the modem setup, change the PPP mode to “Bridged PPPoE”. Now they are going to warn you that you won’t be able to access the modem setup without a direct Ethernet cable connection, but that is what you want.
  • At this point, you should be connected, if not, go the status page of your router and see if you are connected. Mine listed all IP addresses as zero’s, but there was a button called “Connect” which I pressed and voila – connected to the internet.
  • You wouldn’t think this, but I had to shut down all computers and restart them. I didn’t restart the network printers though, they seemed to work fine without any problem.

Hopefully this is enough information to keep myself out of trouble if this ever happens again.

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