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Just thought I’d let the world know that I ate alligator for lunch today. It Does Not taste like Chicken. More gamey and chewy. It wasn’t bad, but I think there are better meats.

Be careful with snakes

Especially when you’re on live television. See this clip.

News Flash – Prison isn’t comfortable

In this story by Fox News, the lady who climbed a fence and ran away from prison 30 years ago and who has since be re-arrested, has said that prison isn’t “comfortable.” Huh? Last time I checked, that wasn’t one of the purposes of prison. A quote by her attorney takes the cake: “There’s nowhere […]

Making better home videos

I just published a new report on making better videos. If you are interested, go to the new site and enter your e-mail to download it. And if you have any comments, be sure to let me know. Even if you hate it, I would like to know that as well.

Wall Arch has collapsed

Wall arch in Arches National Park has collapsed. This is a photo of what it looked like last week. Of course, this is a natural phenomenon, but I’m sure we could find some way to blame the Bush Administration.

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