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Popcorn and cell phones

You may have already seen one of these videos, since they’ve been viewed online quite a bit over the past week. If not, here is one version: While this is a cool video to watch, it’s actually a hoax. According to an article here, this is just not possible. The clever parlor trick (see embedded […]

New weight loss plan

In this story on a man lost 80 pounds by eating at McDonalds. This is just the diet for me. Don’t you think.

Monster Parents

I was reflecting on this recent story about a group of parents in Japan that forced the school to make every person in the play have the lead role – Snow White. Now isn’t that just great. You go to the play with the intent of seeing Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. But instead, […]

Don’t freak out man

I think this guy is having some stress issues: – Watch more free videos