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Shocking new information! Teen drivers underestimate risk!

Posted on | May 12, 2008 | Comments Off

Not do date myself, but I was a teenage driver over 20 years ago. Did I underestimate my risk behind the wheel back then? Of course. All my friends did.

This story is plain dumb. From the opening paragraph, there is some startling revalations:

America’s teen drivers often overestimate their level of driving experience, putting them at risk for accidents, a new study finds. And many teens don’t recognize hazards such as having friends in the car.

Who pays for these studies? Is there anything in this study that we have learned that we did not know before in countless other studies, and for that matter, just plain horse sense.

Most teens didn’t think using cell phones was risky [while driving]

Can this be the truth? We get hammered by populist politicians who promise that they are going to “do something about that”. We get bombarded by media reports of cell phone driving.

I can’t hardly believe I’m responding to this “news” article. No wonder circulation is down. The papers think we are all so stupid that they have to give us some so called “new” information that everyone alive already knows.

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