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Making Audio Books for your Ipod

It’s easier than you think. This site gives you really great instructions. I’ve wanted to get the scriptures on my ipod so that when I travel, I can listen. The problem with downloading the mp3 files, is that they are all in individual files, but your ipod thinks that its a music file, and it […]

Gasoline Prices

I recently received an e-mail calling for yet another creative boycott to lower gas prices. So I decided to put this myth to bed. While this boycott method is considered new, it really isn’t. This has been tried before. In a nutshell, this is the theory But we CAN have an impact on gas prices […]

Shocking new information! Teen drivers underestimate risk!

Not do date myself, but I was a teenage driver over 20 years ago. Did I underestimate my risk behind the wheel back then? Of course. All my friends did. This story is plain dumb. From the opening paragraph, there is some startling revalations: America’s teen drivers often overestimate their level of driving experience, putting […]

That creepy graduate who hangs around the high school cafeteria

As most people have said, the road to the white house is over for Hillary Clinton. I’m not sure that I would count her out yet. I mean, she wants to be president so bad, that she will say or do anything to make that happen. Over the course of the last few years, you […]

Who are the real winners?

Watch this video, then you tell me?