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Update on health insurance

Posted on | August 27, 2007 | Comments Off

I haven’t had good success with this process. You see, I’m not in perfect health, so I keep getting declined by each carrier. Don’t get me wrong, has been great at servicing my applications. My beef is with the insurance companies. Maybe, there needs to be more explanation up front about what might disqualify you for a policy.

For example, last year, I paid about $12,000 for health insurance for my family. The insurance company ended up paying about $9,000 in claims. We paid another $3,500 out of pocket for copayments, and deductibles. Now granted, if we would not have had insurance, then the costs would have been higher because of the negotiated rates that insurance companies get, so its probably about a wash in actual cost.

In my opinion, the problem is that health care costs so much because the system is overused. Why, you ask? Because people who aren’t paying for their own insurance, go the doctor every time their nose gets runny, or they got a wart, or a cold, or some minor issue that has no business being addressed in a doctors office.

If you had to pay the doctor every time you went (full price) then you probably wouldn’t go unless you really needed it right? And if everyone did that, then the price of health care would go down, and everyone could keep more of their own money.

Oh, well, I guess I’ll have to get a night job to pay for my health care.

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